Cawthar Temple No.118                         
                      Desert of Indiana 
                          Oasis of Evansville 

Page 2 NEWS/EVENTS                                    


                                                                   Agenta for Cawthar Temple 118 

                                    JANUARY                                              JULY
                                   25TH DIVAN MEETING                                                             26TH DIVAN MEETING                 
                                    (9) DESERT ROUNDUP                                                           2TH TEMPLE MEETING                        
                                   25TH TEMPLE MEETIN


                       FEBRUARY                                            AUGUST
                                    22th DIVAN  MEETING                                                                                         
                                    tba  COURT VISITATION TO TEMPLE                                   17th-23rd--- 123TH IMPERIAL SESSION               
                                    2ND  TEMPLE VISITATION TO COURT                                       NEW ORLEANS, LA

                                     MARCH                                                    SEPTEMBER
                        22th DIVAN MEETING                                                                             
                                     9TH & 10TH  POTENTATE BALL WEEKEND                         27tTH DIVAN MEETING     
                                     22TH TEMPLE MEETING                                                         27TH TEMPLE MEETING
                                     31th EASTER EGG HUNT                                                        28-29 Tyree Court Ball          

                                    APRIL                                               OCTOBER
                                    26th DIVAN MEETING                                                                25TH DIVAN MEETING                
                                    26TH TEMPLE MEETING                                                          19th-20th- TYRE TEMPLE   BALL                
                                    28th-29th EL ZORA TEMPLE AND COURT  BALL                     25TH MEETING                                         L
                                                                                                                                        12th-13th PERSIAN COURT BALL

                                    MAY                                                   NOVEMBER
                                   24th DIVAN MEETING                                                                   21th  DIVAN MEETING                      
                                                                                                                                           4th-5th CAWTHAR COURT 68 COMMANDRESS
                                   15th CAWTHAR COURT 68 THANKSGIVING                                                      BALL WEEKEND                         
                                                                            SERVICES                                             SAUDI TEMPLE AND COURT 
                                    24th TEMPLE MEETING                                                                                    BALL WEEKEND (TBA)
                                    28TH THE  WOMEN'S RELIEF CORP. PROGRAM                       18th-19th PERSIAN TEMPLE  BALL                      
                                    May 31-June 3   GALA DAY  , INDIANAPOLIS , IND.                       21th TEMPLE MEETING

                                    JUNE                                                  DECEMBER
                                     JUBILLEE DAY                                                                    
                                    28RD DIVAN MEETING                                                                       DUES ARE DUE!!!!!!
                                     MAHOMET TEMPLE AND COURT                                    22TH ELECTION AND INSTALLATION OF         
                                      15th-16th    BALL WEEKEND                                                           OFFICERS  6:00 P.M.
                                    28TH TEMPLE MEETING                                                                     DUES ARE DUE!!!!!!!!!!
                                    5 GALA DAY  Columbus, IN.                                                   25TH MERRY CHISTMAS






                                         The Black Camel     

                                                           Cawthar Temple 118

                                                        Noble Jessie J. Scruggs
                           Sunrise May 8, 1934                                 Sunset October 21, 2009

                                                         Noble Thomas Lee "Rip" William
                           Sunrise May 8, 1934                                   Sunset September 25, 2010

                                                          Noble James M. Spalding Sr.
                            Sunrise December 13, 1945                          Sunset December 8, 2010 

                                                          Noble Thomas Jefferson Jenkins
                             Sunrise December 21, 1923                            Sunset November 5, 2011

                                                                Noble Hillary Farmer
                             Sunrise June 19, 1938                                    Sunset March 1,  2012

                                                                 Noble Ruban Allen Sr.
                             Sunrise December 12, 1933                             Sunset September 21, 2012

Noble Amos  Washington s
                              Sunrise April 16, 1921                                      Sunset July 13, 2013

                                                                  Noble Howard. B. Marlin
                               Sunrise Nov. 25, 1924                                       Sunset Sept. 30, 2013 

                                                                   Noble James A. Esters
                                 Sunrise Feb. 18, 1948                                      Sunset Sept 20, 2014             

                                                                  Noble Charles D. Gibbs
                                  Sunrise October 31, 1956                                Sunset December 14, 2014

                                                                    Noble Lealie Crowe                                                             
                                 Sunrise  September 8, 1945                             Sunset April 30, 2015

                                                                      Noble Kenneth Higgs Sn.
                                   Sunrise September 15, 1936                           Sunset August 1, 2015  
                                                                   Noble Armandus" Jerry" Hardin
                                    Sunset March 27, 1949                                    Sunset October 25, 2015
                                                                   Noble Milton Spaulding Sr.
                                      Sunrise December 06, 1941                                Sunset December 8, 2016 

                                                                     Noble  Eldridge Hampton
                                        Sunrise December 9, 1958                                  Sunset June 5, 2018 
                                                                     Noble   J. B. Tandy      
                                       Sunrise  November 8, 1930                                  Sunset October 27 1918  
                                                                       Noble Graham Hazelwood 
                                        Sunrise July 19, 1933                                         Sunset December 24, 2018


                                                                                                           N  Nn




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